Let's stop the global human-down!


go for human-up! 

fantastic revolution for your life

fantastic revolution for humankind


the normalrevolution for human-up! 

i have devoted nearly all of my life to some sort of revolution. presumably, it will remain that way for the rest of my life.

all together, it's been all logical and straight, as i would find out later. but, damn! it was always my intent to discover something that would change the world for the good. but now i have to acknowledge what an effort this implies; i’m such an idiot! because the normal revolution means nothing less than:

  1. the way out of every human dilemma which have been destroying us slowly, roughly since the transition to a settled lifestyle;

  2. the end of the eternal back and forth, the constant up and down; the end of sisyphus.

  3. the end of the illusions about ourselves; about life and its meaning.

otherwise there is nothing special, nothing exciting going on here.


My perspective is 'no law but order'

Plus the revolutionary perspective:


Let's go for the

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